Young Space Dragons are a form of Electromagnetic enemy. They use different guns and armour than a maggot, making them deal more damage and slightly harder to defeat. They are a step up from Space maggot and Bio Scavenger. They are also rarer than maggots, typically one or two being found in a sector. Some sectors of course have none.

Young Space Dragons ( YSDs ) are also a good way of gaining experience, as their short respawn time as well as their difficulty means a newer pilot can kill them often.

At higher levels, this type of dragon ( and its more powerful relations ) are hunted to give Experience. As large numbers can be found in one spot, called a Dragon Den, fighters can kill everything in it quickly to gain experience without unnecesary travel.

Locations Edit

Spawn point on Energy in most sectors.

Large numbers can be found in Dragon Dens

Young Space DragonEdit

Space dragon young Young space dragon

electro magnetic
Hull 120
Armor 60 (x1 em)
Shield 0
Weapon 1 Dragon Breath (15x1 em)
Weapon 2 -
Weapon 3 -
Weapon 4 -
XP 30
HA limit 15
Respawn 18m
Cloaking -

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