1st August 2006 by Aetheris


Yarr Inc. by definition is a pirate organisation.


As a primarily nomadic alliance with no home, funding is gained solely through raiding. Trade deals are brokered where both parties can benefit.

Yarr Inc. members are forbidden to attack ships lower than "Tbird Class" and will aim to raid wherever possible. If a raid is carried out, that member will also not finish the pilot off.

Galactic News Counter Network Reporting… Edit

With recent reports of pirate incidents hitting all time lows, rumor is starting to spread wide and far that Yarr, Inc., an alliance of pirates that always have a smile on their faces, has decided to leave the pirate scene, and form a band.

Rosa Bonita, lead singer and band manager had this to say: “It is terribly true that some so called pirates come and go quicker than the wind, its the stubborn ones who stick with it that you needs fear.”

Moments later Aetheris, former leader of Yarr, Inc., burst into the room, declared Rosa Bonita a scallywag, and promptly ran out of the room with Yarr, Inc. base guitarist, Princess Party Pants.

What does the future hold for Yarr, Inc., and former lead singer Rosa Bonita? Will Cormag, former drummer for the band, go on a killing rampage? Or, perhaps Lady Lillixx, former backup singer and tambourine player, will somehow intervene when she returns from her hiatus.

Recently, under the leadership of Princess Party Pants, Yarr, Inc., claim to have reformed themselves into privateers for The Empire.

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