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Ingame Description Edit

A Federation entrepreneur, who wants to remain unknown, managed to get his hands on the ISDC Sabre designs. Working alone for nearly a year, a complete overhaul resulted in the Wasp. By restructuring the body and replacing the nose laser mount by two wing mounts, the new design boasts increased hull strength, hull capacity and armor strength. The ugly duck of the ISDC transformed into a small but combat ready Federation fighter. A very popular step up for pilots fed up with the Sabres sub-par performance!

Class and DescriptionEdit


Although incapable of performing semi-serious combat or trading, the Wasp is notable for being far superior to the Sabre, yet becoming available just by joining the Federation. Pilots flying wasps are advised to avoid upsetting fighters while attempting to reach their next goal of a ship.


  • 2500 credits
  • 10 energy
  • 8 metal
  • 6 electronics
  • 8 plastics
  • 1 cycle


  • 2500 credits
  • 10 energy
  • 8 metal
  • 6 electronics
  • 8 plastics

Smallfedlogo Wasp Smallfedlogo
Rank Needed Recruit Fed1 recruit
Cost 20 000
Weapon Mounts 2
Missile Mounts 0
Armour Points 240
Hull Points 225
Hull Capacity 75
Size 14
Crew seats 0
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