With the addition of so many more players into the pardus community, Bayer and Szell Org implemented a new graphics pack to further improve Pardus. The new graphics pack comes with the company developed graphics, as well as an all new mode which allows player made graphics to be included into the game. The current only Player made graphic pack is Kora's.

Another feature of the new graphics pack is the Image tiles resolution, available in:

  • 64 by 64 pixels
  • 96 by 96 pixels
  • 128 by 128 pixels

Classic Image packEdit

Smelting facility big

Original Smelting Facility .

The original image pack, the classic image pack is developed by Bayer and Szell org with a resolution of 64.

Standard pack and Standard pack HQEdit

New Smelting facility big

New improved Smelting Facility.

The low resolution new image pack with upgraded backgrounds, foregrounds, opponents, ships, buildings and squadrons but uses the original bases. Anything not on the aboe list have not been upgraded. It is created by Bayer and Szell org with a resolution of 64,96 and 128

The Standard pack HQ is basically similar to the standard pack except eith improved backgrounds with truecolor graphics. It also has a resolution of 64,96 and 128.

Kora's Image packEdit

An image pack created by Griory Kapustkin ( or Kora in-game ) is based on the classic graphics with improved foregrounds, ships, squadrons and partially improved backgrounds, equipment, opponents and factions. It has a resolution of 64.

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