Rank Needed Serf
Cost 38 500
Weapon Mounts 0
Missile Mounts 3
Armour Points 60
Hull Points 300
Hull Capacity 130
Size 74
Tyrant big
Kora wp tyrant

In Game DescriptionEdit

The Tyrant is the longest serving model in the Empire. The robust build and its body, constructed from cheap heavy metals from Grecein, give it great cargo capacity but also a very high mass. It is the only ship without mountings for laser weapons (this means no asteroid mining!), but its three Missile Mounts can keep unwanted guests at a distance, at least for a short while. The rust on the outer hull are natural in older models, but most are added with an artificial oxidation process, to satisfy the nostalgic feeling of many traders.

Class and InformationEdit



  • 1,250 Credits
  • 2 Energy
  • 11 Metal
  • Required cycles: 5 (15 h)

Construction (Total)Edit

  • 6,250 Credits
  • 10 Energy
  • 55 Metal

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