Tjace is a pilot in pardus that joined the federation when he first grduated from flight school. For a while he was a small time trader and Drug smuggler. But shortly after he was invited to join an alliance called Estemmed Traders of Split incorperated. After he joined this trader alliance he left after a short while to go solo again. After a little while he was contacted by ***** to be a spy and infiltrate the allaince known as *** for short, although the full name is ***** ******** ********. He then went to the allaince forums an sent that data to his emlpoyer for tons of credits that the employer would sell to other alliances. Once he was in the allaince for a while he grew close to them and stopped sending data.

After that he left that alliance and started his own. His trader alliance was not a success so now he turned the allaince he owns in to a pirate allaince. He is now a free romaing pirate. He wasnt heard from again because he is hiding is the darkest sections of the galaxy,,away from EPS and bounty hunters that want to collect the price on his head.

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