Class Planet G
Location Tiliala [12,4]
Cluster South Pardus Rim
Faction Alignment Neutral
Worker Population 29,000

Tiliala is a Class G planet located in the South Pardus Rim in a prime development location between two Class M planets (Exbeur and Becanin). Though it maintains a good sized workforce, there are no buildings within close proximity to the planet.

Economy Edit

Tiliala's strength is in extra-sector export. With no buildings nearby, its stock of Chemicals and Nebula Gas is primarily exported to neighboring sectors. It takes significant import, however, in the form of energy and food, attracting new workers to the planet. Tiliala has an enormous surplus of Nebula Gas, as well as a small supply of cheap Chemicals, crucial to the production of Heavy Plastics. In addition, there is a large surplus of Hydrogen Fuel present, collected from nearby space by merchant pilots.

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