A war between The Empire and The Federation started by the devastation of the planet Usube.

The Usube IncidentEdit

The uneasy peace after the Second Galactic War was ended when the neutral zone planet of Usube was struck by what appeared to be some kind of weapon of planetary destruction, constructed by Federation scientists. Hundreds of thousands of people were killed. The Empire issued an ultimatum demanding the “the Federation immediately cease all manufacturing of weapons capable of such large scale mass destruction, and disassemble those weapons currently in existence.” The Federation “while acknowledging they have been exploring the potential of such weapons, deny responsibility for Usube's annihilation, claiming detonation of the weapon was a result of sabotage; and refuse to comply with the Empire's demand.” The Empire then declared war on the Federation due to this refusal.

For full details of the outbreak of hostilities, what is known as the Usube Incident also see the GNN report at Pardusian Story Back to War.

Early Stages of the WarEdit

The war in its early stages has been conducted via privateering attacks aimed at devastating the economic potential of the opposition. Considerable amounts of merchant shipping and space industrial facilities have been destroyed on both sides, especially in the neutral zone. Historically independent ship owners have always played a prime role in galactic warfare primarily through private military and merchant alliances, and this war seems to be following in that tradition. While the Federation Rashkir Core and the Empire Keldon Core have seen significant raids, powerful border defences have kept the Empire Ska'ari Core and the Federation Human Core mostly safe for the time being, with the exception of Commodore Orsan, who conducted raids on Ska'ari space from the protection of the starbase of an Imperial ally's starbase before Pass Emp-03 was blockaded.

While trading interests have already been calling for peace it should be noted that previous conflicts such as the First Galactic War were drawn out over decades and a quick peace is unlikely unless either side suddenly gives way.

Notable War EventsEdit

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