The Federation

Overview The Federation largely consists of Humans and Rashkir, though encountering a Federal Ska'ari or Keldonian is not unheard of. The Federation is the second oldest faction, founded in secret by a band of desperate rebels fighting against the Empire's rule. Under the guidance of the brilliant Jeff Sheridan, the Federation grew from a handful of discontent citizens to a strong and fiercely proud faction, eventually growing large enough to openly challenge the Empire and begin the Second Great War.

In times of peace, denizens of the Federation focus on boosting their economy and strengthening the security of their borders, determined that they will never again be oppressed as happened so long ago. The creative Human and battle-wise Rashkir combination has resulted in the production of the finest vessels in the universe; nowhere can a more efficient tradeship or a sleeker fighting craft be found than in a Federal shipyard.

The independent spirit the Federation was founded on still runs strong through the faction, and its members are proud of all it stands for. From simple traders to the most experienced fighters, the Federation offers opportunities to all, and gladly welcomes newcomers into Federal space. Specialization Technologically specialized in ship construction and ship drives. Territory The Federation currently lays claim to the Federation Human Core, the Federation Rashkir Core and the Federation South Human Cluster in the western reaches of the universe, as well as the Federation Contingent within the Pardus Cluster.

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