Template:Header Nav Starbases are the opposite of class M and class A planets. They use FW and produce energy.

Non player starbasesEdit

Non-player starbases are mirror images of planets, using up FW and producing energy, but unlike player starbases, their prices fluctuate based on how much it has and the mins+maxes and also use up amounts of other commodities. Many players use these in FWE routes if they want to earn ATP's in the game, since they're trading with NPC buildings both way racking up the amount of money. These generally have low energy prices making them sometimes more profitable than normal FWE routes with player starbases.

Player starbasesEdit

Player starbases are unique buildings that get their own tab on the overview screen. First, a trade outpost is built on a spot. It will then be upgraded to a starbase in 7 stages. For it to be upgraded to a starbase, it must meet some distance requirements. If it within the range of any of these things, the trading outpost won't be upgradable.

  • 15 fields to any starbase or planet
  • 5 fields to any sort of wormhole.
  • 5 fields to any NPC MO, faction or lucidi

After the TO is built in a spot where it can be upgraded, you must click on the link at the bottom of the building overview to start the upgrading process. Each day, at a specific time, it'll use up these materials and go up an upgrade level.

  • 75 Pardus Metal Metals
  • 50 Pardus Electronics Electronics
  • 25 Pardus Battleweapon parts Battleweapons

Player Starbases also offer alliances the opportunity to provide inexpensive parts and ships to their members. There are even Starbases which offer great deals to factions (A la the Free Rustfire Program).

Building a Starbase is expensive and a drain on most budgets. This act is not to be engaged in lightly, and you will probably want Alliance support for putting up your own SB. This is not only for the purpose of paying for it, but also for supporting it.

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