The spectre is the 2nd generation of the rust claw, this ship is only used by the empire pilots, many pilots chose this smal ship for it's agility and speed, it has 2 gunmounts and 2 missle mounts, which is the perfect combination for a small ship, the best thing is that it has a good sized hull capacity and is mainly used to shoot down space maggots, space worms, young space dragons and inexperienced space pirates.

The pilot that ran away from the empire. Edit

During 2009 and a pilot named Leviathan ran away from the empire, to join the federation, he ran away so he could rebuild his reputation, since he left Path To Prosperity and lost 1000 points rep on the empire, he was being destroyed by other empire pilots, so the empire kicked him out and he started to make the journey to the sector know as Sol, now sol was a long way from Ska, so it took days to reach his dream and he still flies an empire spectre, but he's in the federation, but this was some time ago, he is now heading back to his home sweet home and this journey started on the 18th September 2009, so if you visit and join the Artemis universe, I guarantee he will be there, go meet him if you want.

The Return Edit

On the 25th November 2009, Leviathan returned and now holds a power of a Special Serviceman, he is used for diplomacy and hacking only, as we all said in the artemis "you are no fighter you are a special pilot.", this phrase made him return to the empire, but one day he fell upon a nasty surprise he is empire rep was disintergrating due to IOO (Imperial Order of Olbea), nobody knows what happen next though.........I will try and find more info.

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