Space snail

Ingame Information Edit

The bad boy of the biodegrating bunch, Space Snails' most devastating trait is their horrible temper. These aggressive creatures never take politely to unwanted guests who watch them dine, which is nearly every waking hour of the day. Their shells often composed of asteroid rock, and even the discarded metal of spacecraft, Space Snails become veritable tanks when coiled within them. Able to let loose thick globules of mucus, they are also known for ramming their husks directly into traveling spacecraft they view as a threat.

  • Disposition: Aggressive
  • Rarity: Common
  • Region: Southeast from
  • Pardus Core

Stats Edit

  • Hull 40
  • Armor Points Factor
  • ORG 485 3 x
  • No Shield
  • Weapon Damage Type Firerate
  • Snail Slime 240 ORG 1
  • Big Glacial Spikes 740 Missile Unknown
  • Glacial Spikes 380 Missile Unknown
  • XP 500
  • HA Limit 40
  • Respawn Location Moving
  • 6h? Fixed No
  • Cloaks No
  • Retreat Hold Unknown
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