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Overview Edit

One of the most numerous buildings in Pardus, space farms are typically used to support a starbase. They produce food and water, while using energy and embryos. This allows a nice product chain to emerge. If a Recyclotron is nearby, the biowaste produced could also be reused to create even more food and water.

The Space Farm is a low maintenance building that is guaranteed a market, as the starbase would always be in need of the food and water.

In some scenarios, Space Farms are relied upon heavily to produce the food and water needed by other buildings. When near a planet such as a Class R and Class I, a Space Farm is needed as the planet itself needs it. Buildings in such sectors are stocked by space farms as it is a more efficient way of obtaining food than going to a Class M planet.

The space farm is a low level building

Built on Edit

Space tiles Space3

Best locations Edit

Data Edit

Space Farm
Type Low
Resources Required 15 Energy, 15 Metal, 10 Ore
Built On Space
Requirements None

Production InfoEdit

1 4 Pardus Energy, 5 Pardus Animal embryos 8 Pardus Food, 2 Pardus Water, 1 Pardus Biowaste
2 6 Pardus Energy, 7 Pardus Animal embryos 12 Pardus Food, 3 Pardus Water, 2 Pardus Biowaste
3 7 Pardus Energy, 9 Pardus Animal embryos 16 Pardus Food, 4 Pardus Water, 2 Pardus Biowaste
4 9 Pardus Energy, 11 Pardus Animal embryos 20 Pardus Food, 5 Pardus Water, 3 Pardus Biowaste
5 10 Pardus Energy, 13 Pardus Animal embryos 24 Pardus Food, 6 Pardus Water, 3 Pardus Biowaste
6 12 Pardus Energy, 15 Pardus Animal embryos 28 Pardus Food, 7 Pardus Water, 4 Pardus Biowaste
9 17 Pardus Energy, 21 Pardus Animal embryos 40 Pardus Food, 10 Pardus Water, 5 Pardus Biowaste
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