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Smelting facilities (smelters) use ore from asteroid mines to turn into metal. Their metal production is comparably higher than their ore consumption, so there is usually some ore that doesn't go into the production cycle. This is what's expected, since many buildings and upgrade require ore. Smelters are usually found around asteroid fields with asteroid mines on them. They are also said to be a good source of income to have when high leveled.

A smelting facility is a mid lvel building.

Built onEdit

Space tiles Space3

Best LocationsEdit

  • Near asteroid fields (with or without asteroid mines)

Data Edit

Smelting Facility
Type Mid
Resources Required 50 Energy 30 Metal
Built On Space
Requirements None


1 2 Pardus Food 2 Pardus Water 2 Pardus Energy 4 Pardus Ore 6 Pardus Metal
2 3 Pardus Food 3 Pardus Water 3 Pardus Energy 6 Pardus Ore 9 Pardus Metal
3 4 Pardus Food 4 Pardus Water 4 Pardus Energy 7 Pardus Ore 12 Pardus Metal
4 4 Pardus Food 4 Pardus Water 4 Pardus Energy 9 Pardus Ore 15 Pardus Metal
5 5 Pardus Food 5 Pardus Water 5 Pardus Energy 10 Pardus Ore 18 Pardus Metal
6 6 Pardus Food 6 Pardus Water 6 Pardus Energy 12 Pardus Ore 21 Pardus Metal
7 7 Pardus Food 7 Pardus Water 7 Pardus Energy 14 Pardus Ore 24 Pardus Metal
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