Smallfedlogo Shwabrer Smallfedlogo
Race Human
Gender Male
Rank Fed13 admiral Admiral
Alliance Federal Guard
Alliance Rank Leader
Ship Doomstar

Admiral Shwabrer made his name during the Fourth Galactic War. His Doomstar, laden fully with Very Large Pulse Cannons, garnered extreme fear and respect from his foes in the Empire, once famously being ambushed by three Phantom Advanced Stealth Craft, all of which were destroyed in the attempt on Shwabrer's Doomstar. Shwabrer became one of the most decorated pilots of the war, and was easily the Federation's greatest war hero. This status earned him great respect, most especially in the Federation, such that he was quickly promoted to the leadership of his alliance, the Federal Guard.

Shwabrer owned the Prancing Crystal, a Starbase in Pardus Federation Contingent that was destroyed by the Imperial Sardaukar during the war. It was one of only two Federation starbases destroyed in Pardus Federation Contingent, a mark of pride for the Federation, citing the destruction of fully five Imperial starbases in Pardus Empire Contingent.

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