Roidworm horde

Ingame Information Edit

Intrinsically docile and harmless creatures, Roidworms carry out the same task as all biodegraders. Rather than converting organic waste into nutrients however, they secrete another building block of life, ammonia. Traveling in large swarms through space, the clouds these Roidworms produce are toxic to many forms of life in their highly concentrated state, poisonous to the living tissue of many creatures, and highly erosive to many types of metals. When attacked their bodies may explode violently, releasing an even more concentrated liquid form of this ammonia, causing further damage.

  • Disposition:
  • Docile - Destructive
  • Rarity: Uncommon
  • Region: Universal

Stats Edit

  • Hull 900
  • Armor Points Factor
  • ORG 600 2 x
  • No Shield
  • Weapon Damage Type Firerate
  • Roid Plasma 160 CONV 1
  • Roid Plasma 160 CONV 1
  • Tiny Asteroid 255 Missile 0.2
  • XP 600+
  • HA Limit 55
  • Respawn Location Moving
  • 6h Fixed No
  • Cloaks No
  • Retreat Hold Unknown

X-tra Info Edit

These giants do not attack you unless you attack them (you can sit on them all night, and they will not attack once). There have been a few reports that these beasts have been able to hold some one on a retreat, but if this is true, it is very very very rare.

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