These are the following ranks for each Faction. The lowest ranks are at the top of the list, and the highest rank at the bottom.

Federal RanksEdit

# Icon Rank Name Ships available Equipment Available
1 Fed1 recruit Recruit Wasp (None)
2 Fed2 private Private Adder (None)
3 Fed3 corporal Corporal Thunderbird (None)
4 Fed4 sergeant Sergeant Viper Defence Craft (None)
5 Fed5 sgtmjr Sergeant-Major (None) Enhanced Fusion Drive
6 Fed6 major Major Babel Transporter, Piranha (None)
7 Fed7 colonel Colonel (None) (None)
8 Fed8 lt Lieutenant Nighthawk Enhanced Anti-Matter Drive
9 Fed9 ltcomm Lieutenant Commander Nighthawk Deluxe, Mantis (None)
10 Fed10 captain Captain Extender (None)
11 Fed11 commodore Commodore Gauntlet (None)
12 Fed12 rearadm Rear Admiral (None)  Enhanced InterPhased Drive
13 Fed13 admiral Admiral Doomstar (None)
14 Fed14 fleet admiral Fleet Admiral War Nova (None)

Imperial RanksEdit

# Icon Rank Name Ships available Equipment Available
1 Emp1 outsider Outsider Ficon (None)
2 Emp2 serf Serf Tyrant Imperial G-7 Smartwinder
3 Emp3 master Master/Mistress Spectre 4MW Gatling Laser
4 Emp4 sir Sir/Dame Shadow Stealth Craft Imperial A/50 Pogo
5 Emp5 squire Squire Venom 6 MW Gatling Laser, Imperial D/70 Havar
6 Emp6 lord Lord/Lady (None) Imperial MO89 Lord
7 Emp7 baron Baron/Baroness Constrictor 4 MW Light-Weight Gatling Laser
8 Emp8 viscount Viscount/Viscountess (None) 10 MW Gatling Laser, Imperial Elite Mk.I, Imperial Elite Mk.II
9 Emp9 count Count/Countess Phantom Advanced Stealth Craft 6 MW Light-Weight Gatling Laser
10 Emp10 earl Earl/Marchesa Dominator 140 MW Particle Laser10 MW Gatling Laser
11 Emp11 marquis Marquis/Marchioness Boa Ultimate Carrier 140 MW Light-Weight Particle Laser, King Relon
12 Emp12 duke Duke/Duchess (None) King Kraak, 10 MW Light-Weight Gatling Laser, 35 MW Plasma
13 Emp13 prince Prince/Princess Mooncrusher 20 MW Gatling Laser, 40 MW Plasma
14 Emp14 king King/Queen (None) Royal Redeemer Missile, 60 MW Plasma, 20 MW Light-weight Gatling Laser

Union RanksEdit

# Icon Rank Name Ships available Equipment Available
1 Uni1 flunkey Flunkey (None) (None)
2 Uni2 minion Minion Rustfire (None)
3 Uni3 acolyte Acolyte (None) Q-Small Shield
4 Uni4 bookie Bookie Marauder (None)
5 Uni5 collector Collector Junker IV Strong ECM Jammer
6 Uni6 accountant Accountant Slider Q-Standard Shield, Single Wave Interferometer
7 Uni7 cleaner Cleaner El Padre ECCM Jammer, Q-Medium Shield
8 Uni8 mademan Made Man/Made Woman Chitin Cloaking Device, Q-Large Shield
9 Uni9 chief Chief (None) Ebidium Armor, Huge Shield
10 Uni10 kingpin Kingpin Horpor Q-Huge Shield, Dual Wave Interferometer, Weak Gas Flux Capacitor
11 Uni11 nephew Nephew/Niece (None) L-Huge Shield
12 Uni12 son Son/Daughter Scorpion LQ-Large Shield
13 Uni13 godfather Godfather/Godmother (None) LQ-Huge Shield, Strong Gas Flux Capacitor, Weak Energy Flux Capacitor, Gyro Stabilizer I
14 Unirank14 Mogul (None) Strong Energy Flux Capacitor, Gyro Stabilizer II, Key of Sheppard

Note that the Empire and Union have different ranks for male and female players.

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