Template:Header Nav Although this may prove differently in other online games, the communications between players on the forums, messaging system, and chat can make all the difference in the game, since many decisions are influenced by the forums and chat.


Inside the Pardus forums, there are three main sections with subgroups within them. These are;

  • Announcements
    • Development

This are holds the entirety of all official announcements and changes to the game. Check this forum often to learn about any new features or changes.

  • RPG

The space tavern is a forum about the game, but as the name suggests, it's a role playing area. You wouldn't say, "Jeez! I retreated from that space crystal like 5 times and got held each time until I finally retreated successfully with 2 hull!" You'd say, "Ah jeez, I almost got killed by a space crystal. By the time I escaped from it, it'd stripped off my armor and my ship was literally in pieces.

    • Space tavern

The space tavern is an RPG forum for discussing the game. Pilots mainly use it as a way to discuss in game events because people find it more fun than talking about it in the OOC section.

    • Trade center

The trade center is where economic things are handled, such as looking to buy a new ship or finding someone to carry materials somewhere.

    • Alliance nexus

The alliance nexus is where all alliance related issues and advertising takes place.

  • OOC

The OOC (out of character) forum is for talking about the game as a player, rather than a pilot of Pardus. Posting in here will allow you to talk about statistics such as "I think that the damage of the NN-550 should be reduced slightly by 20 because of it's higher ART".

    • Main forum

This area is to talk about the game in an OOC context. You can discuss about the latest feature change, ask questions, and some discussions about topics.

    • Feature requests

The feature request forum is where requests to change the game are made. Post a topic about an idea you think would help the game, and then discuss it with other players. Remember to read the rule about feature requesting beforehand.

    • Off topic

The off topic is where players can talk about random things with fellow players. Although you can't spam, there are game threads.

Mainly about this all, the space tavern and the main forum are the most important. Every major news event will show up in one of them, and you'll need to get in there and try to justify your actions against players. Winning public support is a major priority here in pardus. This can and will change your playing experience if everyone's against you and killing you on sight.

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