The Pardus Core can only be accessed by Premium Account holders. Everyone else is blocked by the immense Lucidi Outposts.


All NPCs can spawn in the Pardus Core. All fixed spawn monsters will also have a fixed spawn point in the Pardus Core. Randomly spawning monsters which are split by territory will also spawn in the Pardus Core ( eg: you will see Energy Bees and Frost Crystals ).

There are also a number of creatures that only spawn in the Pardus Core. These are usually quite strong and good for skilling/experience. A number of Lucidi Scouts patrol the normal Pardus Core sectors, and can easily kill most pilots.


The Pardus Core consists of three Contingents ( split by Factions ) and the Pardus Sector in the middle. The sectors are larger than others in the unvierse, with the Pardus Sector being large enough to have the same amount of tiles as a small cluster.

Points of InterestEdit

The Centre of the Pardus Core is the Pardus Sector. This is sealed by Lucidi Gates, which randomly open and close. Inside are hundreds of rare, very powerful and very rewarding NPCs, as well as the Pardus Weapon and Armor stations.

The outlying contingents contain Class A Planets ( very rare and efficient versions of Class M planets ).

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