Nooks are areas of a sector that are cordoned off for a special purpose. They are used for a variety of reasons, some of which are listed below. Nooks use MOs owned by a specific alliance to blockade an area for use.

Drug NooksEdit

They are used for alliances to put illegal buildings in, such as slave camps or mostly drug faclities so those buildings would not be attacked or bountied. Most nooks have alot of energy fields, and little open space.

Ambush NookEdit

Another type of Nook is the ambush nook. Ambush Nooks are nooks usually containing some method of repair, such as starbases or robots, whil others have active plaers (traders) sitting there to provide ships with robots.

Skilling NookEdit

Yet another type is a skilling nook, in which a person pays to enter a specific area. These areas are often dens.

Temporary NookEdit

Temporary nooks are block MOs erected around a rare creature by an alliance, so that the only person allowed to touch that creature are the alliance members.

Temporary Nook
An temporary nook in the

Empire Skaari Core, this is

a good example of a temporary nook

erected around a rare creature, namely

a Medusa

ZZ nook
An ambush nook in the

Federation Human Core, this is a prime example of a nook sector,

in which the whole sector is mainly

an ambush nook retreat place.

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