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Ingame Description Edit

Using data collected from the Nighthawk's field tests and materials developed for Z-series fighters, Federation engineers made a good ship better. Its chassis has been modified to provide more leg room, an improved armor configuration, and a larger arsenal of missiles. It has a larger profile, but it's still a hawk at heart - fast, maneuverable, and heavily armable. The deluxe version costs much more to produce, and is usually reserved for seasoned fighter pilots.

Class and DescriptionEdit

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The Nighthawk Deluxe is the main High lvel fighter of the Federation Forces. It's firepower is almost equal to that of a Scorpion and better than a Horpor's or a Hawk's. It is advisable to arm it with high level weapons, preferably 100 mws, Viral Glands or Electromagnetic guns. It is also noted that it is reccomended to take advantage of the Federation's advanced engines.


  • 70 000 credits
  • 8 energy
  • 4 metal
  • 26 electronics
  • 10 plastics
  • Required Cycles: 24(3 days)


  • 1 680 000 credits
  • 192 energy
  • 96 metal
  • 624 electronics
  • 240 plastics
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Rank Needed Lt.Commander Fedrank9
Cost 3 000 000
Weapon Mounts 4
Missile Mounts 3
Armour Points 540
Hull Points 300
Hull Capacity 175
Size 36
Crew Seats 2
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