Cost 20 000
Capacity 150 tons
Mass 2
Restrictions none

Magnetic scoop


A Magnetic Scoop is a special device. It allows you to carry a extra 150 tons of cargo with you. The drawback is the aps cost to move increases massively. When activated and there is material in the scoop, one also experiences a decrease in Manuverablity. A recent change to the game has cause a decrease in engineering gains that is inversely proportional to the amount of goods in the mag scoop. (When hit by a monster when you have a full mag scoop, you will recive ZERO engine gains)


  • 3500 credits
  • 12 energy
  • 2 metal
  • 1 electronic
  • 2 radioactive cells
  • 2 ticks(8 hours)


  • 7000 credits
  • 24 energy
  • 4 metal
  • 2 electronics
  • 4 radioactive cells
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