A Leech Baby is a type of Orbiter that is installable. It repairs armor They can only made produced at a Leech nursey.

Official Information Edit

These Space Leech larva are taken from their natural mothers shortly after and transported in a cryogenically frozen form. This allows pilots to attach them onto their ships- which a leech baby sees as it's mother - as armor-repairing orbiters, for an average time of about 25 days, at which point they become fully-fledged space leeches and leave for deep space.


Every 20 minutes the leech will attempt to repair a certain amount of armor points. When freshly installed, the young leech can repair 3 points per 20 minutes. His repair skill increases slowly with more and more successful repairs. When armor is undamaged, the leech will not repair nor gain repair-skill. The repaired armor points do not depend from armor type (i.e. Adamantium armor will get as many points repaired as Titanium armor).

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