Hidden Drug StashEdit

This stash of highly illegal drugs are always of a pirates doing. These stashes are usually placed by the pirates for numerous reasons such as the pirate is being chased by law enforcement and has to drop his cargo in a safe spot to pick it up later or they drop off the cargo for a buyer to come by and pick it up later. This practice of hiding drugs in these harden cases dates way back to when pirates had first discovered that energy feilds could hide many objects easily and applied this to hiding their stashes. However, as local autorities have gotten wise to the pirates tactics and have started to regularly search energy feild for these cases, the amount of drug stashes and their use has dramatically decreased. (created by Criminalord)

Hidden drug stash Hidden drug stash

Hull 150
Armor 375 (x3 conv)
Shield 0
Weapon 1 Subspace splitter 600 conv
Weapon 2 -
Weapon 3 -
Weapon 4 -
XP  ?
HA limit  ?
Respawn  ?
Cloaking always in energy

Note: Some Hidden Drug Stashes are armed - some aren't. Be careful!


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