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Ingame Description Edit

This ship is a relative new design and an ideal starter for pilots who are unsatisfied with the Sabre's handling. Looking at the price-performance comparison, this model is unbeatable!

History: As one of the newest ships built, it hasn't earned the respect most of the other ships have. It often is pronounced in the feminine (Fee-cone), which means "cannon fodder" in Keldon. The masculine pronounciation (Fy-coon) refers to a deadly insect that lives on Keldana I. Commanders have already learned to hate this ship wholeheartedly as it forces them to use ammunition on the small fighters or else be faced with inevitable defeat later in battle. It truly lives up to both halves of its name.

Class and DescriptionEdit

PiracyPiracyPiracyPiracy CreditsCredits

Like its Federation counterpart the Wasp this ship is usually bought by new players as their first ship after the sabre.

Available as soon as a pilot joins the Empire, this ship is a good improvement on the Sabre, beating it in all but size. It's dual gun mounts allow it to outperform the Sabre in combat, while the extra hull capacity allows larger equipments to be added onto it and more packages to be taken.

Certain Alliances and Pilots offer free Ficons to new members of the Empire (usually with the stipulation of joining their alliance), as the ship is very cheap but at the same time a good improvement on the Sabre. Some intermediate-experienced pilots might scoff at this craft, but with two 1 MW particle Lasers, it is able to beat even Inexperienced Pirates. However, it's generally not a good idea to arm it any better then that.


  • 1000 credits
  • 4 energy
  • 2 metal
  • 2 Electronics
  • 3 Plastics
  • Required Cycles: 3(9 hours)


  • 3000 credits
  • 12 energy
  • 6 metal
  • 6 electronics
  • 9 plastics
Rank Needed Outsider Emp1 outsider
Cost 21.000
Weapon Mounts 2
Missile Mounts 2
Armour Points 270
Hull Points 210
Hull Capacity 135
Size 17
Crew Seats 0
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