Official Information Edit

Second sister of the Medusa, the Euryale is considered the greatest threat of all within the Skyphos Genus. Like the Stheno its toxin acts as a paralytic agent against both flesh and metals. Though smallest of the three Skyphos sisters, the Euryale has the most voracious appetite, continually migrating through the Pardus Cluster feasting upon anything and everything that draws near.

  • Disposition: Predatory
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Region: Pardus Cluster

Stats Edit

*Hull 2000 
  • Armor Points Factor
  • ORG 1450 5 x
  • Shield 600 Regen ?/6
  • Weapon Damage Type Firerate
  • Outer Tentacles 150 ORG 2
  • Inner Tentacles 50 ORG 3
  • Inner Tentacles 50 ORG 3
  • Energy Shockwave 150 Missile Unknown
  • XP 4800
  • HA Limit 74
  • Respawn Location Moving
  • Unknown Random No
  • Cloaks No
  • Retreat Hold Yes, Dangerous
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