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An energy well produces energy namely, but is rarely used as a major source of energy despite it's high level of efficiency. The energy produced is incredibly low in comparison of a nebula plant. It needs to be located on energy, making running food, water, and energy to and from it to a planet hard and inconvenient. It does however provide a shield battery for pilots to recharge their shields at a price and for no wait, but the battery has a limited amount of charge which can be increased by upgrading the production.

An Energy well is a low level building.

Built onEdit

Energy Tiles Energy5

Best LocationsEdit

  • Inside special skilling zones
  • In heavily populated sectors, like homeworld sectors

Data Edit

Energy Well
Type Low
Resources Required 20 Energy, 15 Metal
Built On Energy
Requirements None


1 4 Pardus Energy, 5 Pardus Animal embryos 8 Pardus Food, 2 Pardus Water, 1 Pardus Biowaste
2 6 Pardus Energy, 7 Pardus Animal embryos 12 Pardus Food, 3 Pardus Water, 2 Pardus Biowaste
3 7 Pardus Energy, 9 Pardus Animal embryos 16 Pardus Food, 4 Pardus Water, 2 Pardus Biowaste
4 9 Pardus Energy, 11 Pardus Animal embryos 20 Pardus Food, 5 Pardus Water, 3 Pardus Biowaste
5 10 Pardus Energy, 13 Pardus Animal embryos 24 Pardus Food, 6 Pardus Water, 3 Pardus Biowaste
6 12 Pardus Energy, 15 Pardus Animal embryos 28 Pardus Food, 7 Pardus Water, 4 Pardus Biowaste
9 17 Pardus Energy, 21 Pardus Animal embryos 40 Pardus Food, 10 Pardus Water, 5 Pardus Biowaste
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