The Great EmpireEdit

What exactly constitutes an Empire (from the Latin "imperium", denoting military command within the ancient Roman government) is a topic of intense debate within the scholarly community. Generally, an empire is defined as a state that extends dominion over areas and populations that are culturally and ethnically distinct from the culture at the center of power. Like other states, an empire maintains its political structure at least partly by coercion.

Clusters of InfluenceEdit

Empire Keldon CoreEdit

Empire Ska'ari CoreEdit


The "Empire" originated as M.P.R. (Mobility, Power, and Resources), a corporation holding a monopoly on almost everything. When its leader, Shar'nok, died, his son Lar'nak killed Shar'nok's other two children and assumed control. Using his power and a private army, Lar'nak crowned himself Emperor.

More recent events include the Empire <-> Federation War, due to the apparent destruction of an entire planet by a Federal Super Weapon. Naturally, the Federation denied all involvement.

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