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Electro Magnetic Research StationsEdit

There are 2 types of EM Labs in Pardus.

In these labs, experiments involving Blue Crystals and other similar supposedly physically impossible creatures are conducted, and scientists are continually uncovering new secrets about one of the universe's most powerful forces - electro-magnetism. Available at EM-Tech Research Stations.

Electromagnetic Armour has been proven to absorb and nullify up to 40% of incoming conventional laser beam damage.

EM Weapons Research StationsEdit



Purchasing weapons from them requires an empty gun slot and no Organic Weapons.

EM Armor Research StationEdit



To be able to buy EM armor (armour) from there, the customer must approach it without any armor installed on their ship.


There is also an energy well next to the EM Armor Lab - probably dedicated to shield recharging.

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