THE DISCIPLES OF ZIPPY 

The Disiples Of Zippy are an alliance in the artemis universe. DOZ Is currently based in the sectors of Tianbe, Ackandso, Fomalhaut and Pass EMP 3. We claim the sectors of Tianbe, Ackandso, Half of Fomalhaut and Part of Pass EMP 3. We are an empire alliance. We have NAPS with P2P OP and GREED. We do not tolerate pirates in our sectors if any pirates are found our fighter pilots will do their very best to find and kill or apprehend you. We primarily work towards the goal of developing our claimed sectors protecting our members and stamping out piracy.


The disciples of zippy were founded over two hundred years ago by one of the emperor Larnak's founding council members whos name has been lost to history. The disciples of zippy grew steadily eventually becoming one of the strongest alliances in empire history. They started in Tianbe however they eventually grew until they held territory from besoex to quator to fomalhaut. However The Second Great War almost completely wiped out the DOZ. Eventually more wars such as the The Imperial Civil War and the War of Keldon Independence reduced the disciples of zippy to extinction. Today the disciples of zippy have been refounded by Atrox Zed and are continually working to recruit more members and uphold their proud history

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