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Commodities in Pardus are the mainframe of the economy, they are required to support buildings and are used for many actions such as repairing your ship or building weapons. This is a collective list of all the commodities in Pardus along with assorted information about it. The buy and sell part stands for the following.

  • Buy: how much it costs to buy from a building usually
  • Sell: how much you get for selling it to a building usually


FWE stands for Food, Water, Energy. It's the basic requirements of almost all buildings in Pardus. This section also includes biowaste as it comes from spacefarms.


Name Food Pardus Food
Planet price* Buy: 250 Sell: 200
BM price Buy: 500 Sell: 10
Pop increase % 0**

Food is a basic FWE commodity. Almost all buildings require it to function as well as starbases and some planets. Class M planets are the main producers of food for planets, as well as providing one part of FWE runs. Space farms and recyclotrons often support planets that don't make food, economies that are far away from food producing planets, and SB economies.


Name Water Pardus Water
Planet price* Buy: 200 Sell: 160
BM price Buy: 450 Sell: 10
Pop increase % 0**

Water is another basic FWE commodity. Almost all buildings require it to function as well as starbases and some planets. It is produced from Class M planets, space farms, and recyclotrons. In space farm and recyclotron food productions, the recyclotron makes the majority of the water. As production of water is less then the amount of food from most food sources excluding Class G planets, water is often imported into economies from other sources like Class I planets.


Name Energy Pardus Energy
Planet price* Buy: 150 Sell: 120
BM price Buy: 400 Sell: 5
Pop increase % 0***

Energy unlike the other parts of FWE does not come from planets, but is used by them. It makes the entirety of the second part of a FWE run, delivering energy from the planet. It is as well, used by most buildings. Most of the energy comes from energy fields, starbases, and nebula plants. Unlike the other FWE commodities, this resource can be harvested from energy fields. This can help sustain economies far from energy sources, and in particular drug nooks. Many starbase owners complain that people who stock just take energy from the fields instead of buying from their starbase.

Level two commoditiesEdit

Level two commodities are almost the lowest part on the production chain,


Name Biowaste Pardus Biowaste
Planet price* Buy: 30 Sell: 24
BM price Buy: 1000 Sell: 100
Pop increase % 0
  • Produced: Space farms, leech nurseries
  • Used: Recyclotrons, clod generators

Biowaste, although not part of FWE, is a large part of starbase economies, and to a lesser extent, clod generators. It supplies recyclotrons which help pick up a lot of the slack on water that space farms leave. It's an essential part to any starbase economy. Also note that it can be sold for a hefty 100 at the black market, but selling more than 10 at a time will run you the risk of getting a faction bounty.

Animal embryosEdit

Name Animal embryos Pardus Animal embryos
Planet price* Buy: 75 Sell: 60
BM price Buy: 400 Sell: 5
Pop increase % 0

Animal embryos come from starbases and some planets and are used to support space farms. They are not a particularly valuable commodity, but some starbases continuously run low on them. Other starbases that rely on FWE and not space farms have massive surpluses on it and sell it incredibly cheap for traders to pick it up and bring it to starbases that need it.


Name Ore Pardus Ore
Planet price* Buy: 150 Sell: 120
BM price Buy: 400 Sell: 5
Pop increase % 0.025
  • Produced: Asteroid mines, asteroid fields, Class R planets
  • Used: Smelting facilities, constructing and upgrading buildings

Ore comes from asteroid mines and asteroid tiles and is a very useful commodity. It's needed for constructing buildings and smelting facilities. Most of it comes from asteroid mines but if extra is needed, it can be mined on an asteroid field with a mining laser. Mining it from large asteroid fields can be a good source of money by selling to smelters and other buildings.


Name Gemstones Pardus Gem-stones
Planet price* Buy: 250 Sell: 200
BM price Buy: 500 Sell: 10
Pop increase % 0*
  • Produced: Asteroid mines
  • Used: Optics research centers, Class D planets

Gemstones come from asteroid mines, and is used at optic research centers and Class D planets. Selling them this upkeep will increase their population, but only on this planet type. They almost always go to optic research centers but if you need a quick buck, they can be sold to any planet with the price starting at 200. Most people would rather you not though, as they are needed to supply the optics research centers which supply handweapons factories.

Nebula GasEdit

Name Nebula Gas Pardus Nebula-gas
Planet price* Buy: 150 Sell: 120
BM price Buy: 400 Sell: 5
Pop increase % 0.025
  • Produced: Gas collectors, nebula plant, nebula fields, Class G planets
  • Used: Medical laboratories, plastics facilities

Nebula gas comes from nebula plants, gas collectors, nebula fields, and Class G planets. It is not a very valuable commodity, and is used to supply medical facilities. It's found in abundance from nebula fields, because they are found in clusters of very many tiles.

Chemical suppliesEdit

Name Chemical supplies Pardus Chemical-supplies
Planet price* Buy: 250 Sell: 200
BM price Buy: 500 Sell: 10
Pop increase % 0.025
  • Produced: Chemical laboratory, Class G planets
  • Used: Recyclotrons, fuel collectors, breweries, plastics facilities, clod generators

Chemical supplies come from chemical laboratories and Class G planets. They are needed for a variety of buildings, which makes them a valuable part of any economy.

Radioactive cellsEdit

Name Radioactive cells Pardus Radioactive cells
Planet price* Buy: 375 Sell: 300
BM price Buy: 1500 Sell: 15
Pop increase % 0
  • Produced: Radiation collector, Class R planets
  • Used: Droid assembly complexes, Alliance command centers

Radioactive cells are needed in droid assembly complexes and alliance command centers. The radiation collectors are built near droid assembly complexes and are exported usually for alliance command centers.

Level three commoditiesEdit

These commodities are produced by buildings that use level two commodities as well.


Medicines are used in slave camps for the production of slaves and are used at planets. Using them there will give the planet a bonus to the increase of production, 0.4%. This can be very useful when the planet is at 200,000 where population growth goes down incredibly and you want to bring the planet up. It is the only commodity produced from nebula gas.


  • Buy: 20-60
  • Sell: 70-120
  • Symbol: Pardus Hydrogen-fuel
  • Produced: Starbases on fuel fields, fuel fields, fuel collectors
  • Used: Engines, military outposts

Hydrogen fuel is used mainly for pilot's engines fuel consumption. It almost always comes from fuel tiles, but in stripmined sectors like sol, it's needed to get it from a fuel collector or starbase on fuel.

Optical componentsEdit

  • Buy: 80-130
  • Sell: 110-160
  • Symbol: Pardus Optical components
  • Produced: Optics research center
  • Used: Robotics factories, battleweapons factories, handweapons factories

Optical components are used in robotics, battleweapons, and handweapons factories. Although it doesn't sell for much, this commodity is important to the game.

Heavy PlasticsEdit

  • Buy:250-350
  • Sell:450-550
  • Symbol: Pardus Heavy-plastics
  • Produced: Plastics facilities
  • Used: Electronics facilities

Heavy plastics are produced solely for being used in electronics facilities and handweapons factories.


  • Buy: 550-650
  • Sell: Varies on planets supply, 700 for slave camps
  • Symbol: Pardus Liquor
  • Produced: Breweries
  • Used: Planets, slave camps

Liquor is used on planets and slave camps, much like medicine. It is almost exactly the same as medicines, except being made at different buildings.


  • Buy: ?
  • Sell: ?
  • Symbol: Pardus Metal
  • Produced: Smelting facilities
  • Used: Electronics facilities, robots factories, battleweapons factories, building ships, and equipment

Metal is used for a variety of different things in the economy and building ships and equipment at starbases. It's very important to any economy around a starbase.

Nutrient ClodsEdit

  • Buy: Varies
  • Sell: Varies
  • Symbol: Pardus Nutrient clods
  • Produced: Clod generator
  • Used: Leech nursery

These are produced solely to be used in a leech nursery to produce leeches.

Level four commoditiesEdit

Commodities made from commodities made from FWE.


  • Buy: 670-820
  • Sell: 710-900
  • Symbol: Pardus Electronics
  • Produced: Electronics facilities
  • Used: Robot factories, equipment, handweapons factories, battle weapons factories

Electronics are used in a variety of ways, but the most significant is their role in creating missiles. All missiles require electronics for their guiding ability, and cannot be created without them.


  • Buy: 1900-2400
  • Sell: 2100-2600
  • Symbol: Pardus Slaves
  • Produced: Class D planets, slave camps
  • Used: Drug stations, dark domes

Slaves are used solely in drug stations and dark domes. No drug nook is complete without them.


  • Buy: 1800-2400
  • Sell: 2000-2800
  • Symbol: Pardus Robots
  • Produced: Robot factories
  • Used: Repair bays, repairing ship, droid assembly complexes

Robots are used mainly in droid assembly complexes, and for repairing your ship. Many higher level pilots will take these with them when they fight high-level NPC's, such as Z-scouts and slave traders in case they fail a retreat and take heavy damage.


  • Buy: 4300-5200
  • Sell: 4800-5300
  • Symbol: Pardus Hand-weapons
  • Produced: Handweapons factories
  • Used: Fleets

Handweapons are valuable commodities used in starbase warfare. These can be used in mass to hire squadrons, at 200 each. The market on producing and selling them is not incredibly stable, since starbase combat rarely happens with the exception of war. The money made from them is good however, and they will be bought eventually from your factory.

Battleweapon partsEdit

  • Buy: Insert
  • Sell: Insert
  • Symbol: Pardus Battleweapon parts
  • Produced: Battleweapons factories
  • Used: Making weapons

Battleweapon parts are made in battleweapons factories, and their only use is to be built into weapons on starbases. It's an essential part of a starbase economy.

Body partsEdit

All body parts are made in Dark domes. Their production depends on the race of the cluster they are in, they can only be built in faction space. For example, if the dark dome is built in the Human federation core, the production will be human instestines. Their only use is to be sold to the dark corner in the black market, and for keldon brains, X993 repair droids. The prices depend on what cluster you're in. In the Union Keldon core, keldon brains will sell for a measly 3500, the rashkir bones will sell for a nice 12000 because it's one cluster away from it , and the human intestines as well as skaari limbs will sell for about 18000-20000 because they come from so far away. Dark domes are rarely made because making a good profit off of it requires you going across the pardus universe. However, it's recommended that if you're traveling far, you should bring a load of them so you can sell them at a profit.
The four types are

  • Human intestines Pardus Human intestines
  • Ska'ari limbs Pardus Skaari limbs
  • Keldon brains Pardus Keldon brains
  • Rashkir bones Pardus Rashkir bones

Level five commoditiesEdit

These are made from FWE and are the most valuable commodities that can be made.


  • Buy: 13000-20000
  • Sell: 13000-20000
  • Symbol: Pardus Drugs
  • Produced: Drug stations
  • Used: Pilots; Drugs give AP when used

Drugs are a high level commodity made from drug stations that give the player extra AP when used. The amount of AP given depends on how many drugs that player has used in the past 6 hours. For example, if I took one drug, I'd get about 220 AP, then if I took one 5 minutes later, I'd get about 205... These are used when doing ranking runs, so the player can complete more missions and doing anything else that requires a lot of AP, such as destroying a building.

Droid ModulesEdit

  • Buy: 9000-15000
  • Sell: 10000-16000
  • Symbol: Pardus Droid modules
  • Produced: Droid Assembly Complexes
  • Used: Building defense modules

Droid modules are required to build many higher level defense modules such as the golem, advanced defensive drone, and avenger. Since the defense modules that don't require droid modules are weak, people who are serious about defending their buildings will use many of these for defensive drones. These are needed in high amounts when building military outposts as they will need 10 avenger drones at 105 modules apiece.


These commodities don't come from buildings

Exotic matterEdit

  • Buy: depends
  • Sell: depends
  • Symbol: Pardus Exotic matter
  • Produced: Exotic matter tiles
  • Used: Nebula plants, drug stations

Exotic crystalsEdit

  • Buy: Varies
  • Sell: Varies
  • Symbol: Pardus Exotic crystal
  • Produced: Pardus sector NPC's, exotic crystal spewing events
  • Used: Pardus armor
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