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File:Alliance command station.png|frame|Alliance Command Station]]

Alliance Command Station
Type High
Resources Required 60 Energy, 50 Metal, 25 Radioactive cells
Built On Open space
Consumes 6 Energy, 2 Radioactive cells ( must be payed for operation )
Produces None
Requirements 10,000 xp

The Alliance Command Station (ACS) was invented by Federation scientists after promptings from the large and wealthy alliances of the Federation for its capabilities. The ACS is equipped with sophisticated communications equipment and computers. It remains in contact with all alliance buildings in a cluster, acting as an emergency broadcast center should any of the buildings be attacked. When this happens, it alerts all Alliance pilots of the attack, allowing a new dimension to be added to attacks on Military Outposts.

The ACS has been duplicated by many corporations, as it was a simple thing to design, and is available now to all. Only days after its invention though, the Inteferometer was invented by the Union, a special communications jammer designed to prevent the ACS from receiving a building's distress signals. This device is illegal in the Empire and Federation. Rumors have also spread that the pirates of the Pardus Rim clusters have invented an even better Interferometer capable of jamming any distress signals without fail.

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